Passport Application Granted

Posted: February 2, 2012 in Passport

This is what my status read on passport tracking website a few days back:-


The correct URL for passport tracking in the initial stages is-

It’s a matter of jubilation. At least my application has been granted and Police Verification report is submitted on time. I don’t see any major obstruction now and the passport should reach my permanent address by the end of this month.

Just now I learned that I would have to send my passport to Korean Embassy so that Korean Visa could be shifted to the new passport. The logic behind this is that since the visa was issued on my old passport, which is in a cancelled state, I will have to get it moved to my new passport, against which my details can be checked by airport authorities. I will fetch more information on this when I submit my passport for visa shifting. One thing is clear that I will have to staple the old passport with the new one all the time. But this is a minor concern as of now. The bigger one is to have the new passport first.


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